Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Product Review : Jones Dairy Farm Turkey Sausage, Ham, and Canadian Bacon

{ Full disclosure : This is an uncompensated review of these products.  I was contacted by Jones Dairy Farm and asked if I would try their products and review them for my blog.  When I said yes, they provided me with coupons to sample their products free of charge.  No payment or compensation was given for this review. All comments and recommendations in this review are actually what Shawn and I,  and our friends, thought of the products when trying them in certain recipes or by themselves. }

All of the products I tried were certified gluten-free by Gluten Free Certification Organization.  Jones Dairy Farm have almost 50 products certified gluten-free.  They also have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.  They proudly display the Celiac Sprue Association, GIG, and Celiac Disease Foundation logo's on their products.  I really think it is awesome that a company would go to such great lengths to insure they produce and distribute a quality gluten-free product.

I can, with confidence, recommend them.

Product 1: Turkey Sausage

The first product we tried was the Turkey Sausage, found in your grocers freezer section.
I cooked them according to the package directions, only I cooked them a bit longer than they called for, but this is just a preference in how Shawn likes his sausage.  I used a medium nonstick saucepan, added the frozen links, a little water covered and cooked.  Here is a picture of the sausages right out of the box.  My first thought was, they seem a bit small, but most brown and serve type sausages are about the same size.  The package said 10 links, but as you can see there were 11.  Bonus!
Once cooked, I plated them and cut one open for this next picture.  The texture was great and the flavor was better than expected.  I had mine with a smear of clover honey and Shawn ate his with maple syrup.  Both of us were very impressed and will definitely buy this product again.  Absolutely Delicious!

Product 2: Ham Slices

The next product I tried was Jones Dairy Farm Ham Slices with Natural Juices, naturally hickory smoked.

I shouldn't really be eating ham with my history of  heart related problems so I made these into "Hot-Pocket" type hot ham and cheese sandwiches using my Gluten-Free and Yeast-Free Pizza Dough.  I served them to Shawn and our friends Mimi and Tim.  I tasted Shawn's of course, I just couldn't resist.  I thought they were absolutely delicious.  Shawn ate all of his even though ham isn't one of his favorite meats.  Tim and Mimi both liked it.  We all agreed that it was good, but we also all liked the Canadian bacon better (see next product).

Here is a picture of the Ham Slices cooked into a hot ham and cheese pocket.  I would probably buy this again if I were to need ham slices for something, but most likely if I make these sandwich pockets again I would use the Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon, which brings us to the final product I tried.

Product 3: Canadian Bacon

The next product I tried was Jones Dairy Farm Naturally Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon Slices, center cut from pork loin.

These were delicious!  I tried one slice fresh out of the bag, I know I shouldn't have given the whole "heart" thing, but they smelled so good, again I couldn't resist.  With these I chose to make a Hawaiian Pizza on my Gluten-Free and Yeast-Free Pizza Dough.  This was a big hit with everyone.  Shawn and I both ate too much.  We both highly recommend the Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon.  It was delicious with a great texture and reasonably priced.  This is another product that we will definitely buy again.

Here is a picture of the pizza.

This concludes my review of Jones Dairy Farm products.  All in all, I like the company, I like the products, I like their commitment to a high quality gluten-free product line.  I probably would have never tried their products and I'm glad they contacted me and asked me to review them.  I now know they exist and will use them frequently when my recipes call for it.  The turkey sausage is by far my favorite so I will most likely be buying it regularly for breakfast.  I hope you give them a try and feel safe eating them on a gluten-free diet.  Shawn, being super sensitive, did not get sick or have any issues eating the products we tried.


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