Friday, May 21, 2010

Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

I love Cream of Mushroom Soup!  When I decided to go gluten free to support my Spouse I didn't realize the amount of things that had gluten in them.  I cannot go without cream of mushroom soup not one day longer, so, tonight we had cream of mushroom soup.

This is my first try at cream of mushroom soup and it's a keeper!


24 ounces of diced white mushrooms
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary (crushed)
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme (crushed)
1/4 teaspoon celery salt
4 cloves garlic crushed and chopped
1 small sweet vidalia onion
1/4 cup sweet rice flour
1 can Swanson vegetable broth (14 ounces)
2 cups half & half
8 tablespoons of unsalted butter (1 stick)
1 teaspoon salt
1 lemon

In a large saucepan put in the olive oil, and the dried spices.  Give it time to warm and for the spices to flavor the oil. Add the stick of unsalted butter and let it melt in.  Add the mushrooms, the onion and the garlic. Squirt with the juices of half a lemon.

Allow to reduce down until the onions are soft and the mushrooms are browned and soft.

Add the can of Swanson's vegetable broth and bring to a boil.  I left 4 of the mushrooms whole for something different.

Add 2 cups of Half & Half cream and 1/4 cup sweet rice flour and stir until thickened.

Serves 4-6 people.

This was delightful!  I loved it and Shawn gave it good reviews (even though he doesn't care for mushroom soup altogether).

This will definitely make it into my favorites!  My mind is racing with recipes and casseroles that include mushroom soup.


  1. looks great, going to give it a try this week! I so want to eat the regular stuff for thanksgiving, but must be strong since I fear the pain of gluten! What about a good pumpkin pie recipe??? OR better yet, I used to all ways make pumpkin rolls for my family, but now I need to find a new way to make the pumpkin cake to go into them. Any help here????? Oh the kids would love the surprise :) The holidays are such a challenge!

  2. Coming up with a flour mixture for the pumpkin rolls should be easy enough. In the short term, try replacing the all purpose flour with a commercial gluten free all purpose flour. Read the labels of any ingredients bought, and have fun in the kitchen. The Puff Pastry recipe on this blog is great for pie crusts.

  3. Where do you get your gluten Free All purpose flour. I Love to bake! This is frustrating me
    because I can only find a box or very small bag
    of GF flour. Where do you get yours? Thanks! Deb

  4. I buy a variety of milled alternative flours from Bob's Red Mill and mix my own "all-purpose flours" depending on what I'm baking. I have a different mixture for breads, one for cookies, one for cakes, etc. I have not found a commercial gluten free flour that can truly be called "all-purpose" and correctly texture and flavor all my different baked goods.

  5. Which ones of Bob's Red Mill? I can really use some help here. Thanks for the writing me back.

  6. Each recipe lists the type of flours used. I buy them all from Bob's Red Mill as they are the gold standard of gluten free. The only flour I don't get from Bob's Red Mill is Sweet rice flour also called glutinous rice flour. I buy a finely ground variety from a local Asian market.

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  8. Hi! I am new to your site and really looking forward to trying some of your amazing looking creations! Thank you for the interesting techniques and ALL the pictures!

  9. I'm new to the gluten free diet, and the hardest thing for me was trying to find substitute products for my favorite recipes, especially the comfort food casseroles. This was perfect.