Sunday, May 1, 2011

Product Review: Schar Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free Classic White Bread

New, Now Even Softer.

I decided it would be a good idea to try some bread that I didn't personally make.  You know, every now and then, just to see what is out there and what I'm missing out on.

Well....    I wasn't missing out on anything here.  When we got it home and looked at it through the package, we could see just a hint of humidity in the inside of the sealed inner bag.  This excited us, since the package claims "Light, Fluffy, Moist" and most packaged gluten free breads are the opposite of light, fluffy, and moist.

My first thought upon opening the inner plastic package and touching the bread was "This is going to be dry."

It was.

It was dry and crumbly and didn't hold up very well to being handled.  At the very least a sandwich bread should hold up to being handled.  Right?  That is what happens to a sandwich, getting handled. LOL

I fried some eggs and made a sandwich immediately for lunch.

The taste was great.  Sure, it may break in your hands under the slightest pressure and be dry and crumbly, but the flavor is good, and it photographs well.

I used it to make grilled ham and cheese.  It looks really good in the photo, but it was difficult to get them to hold together, both in the pan and in the hand.  Grilled did seem sturdier than plain straight out of the package.

Last we tried a simple turkey and tomato with mayo.

We actually really liked the flavor of this bread and in an emergency, we would use it again.   Over all, we were not pleased however.  The texture was dry and crumbly.  The bread broke, tore, and crumbled when handled normally (as you would any sandwich).

I definitely prefer my gluten free sandwich bread and so does Shawn.  I'm positive you will too if you give it a bake.  =]

To recap....  Good in an emergency.   Not as good as what I make at home.

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  1. That bread does looke really good. It probably has yeast in it thought... I don't do yeast because of candida.

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