Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Product Review : Rudi's Gluten Free Multigrain Hot Dog Rolls

Where to start?  

First I would like to say both Shawn and I were very excited to try these after reading some rave reviews online of how wonderful these were.  We found them in a health food store here in Port Charlotte, Florida and couldn't wait to get them home to try.

They were a bit expensive, $5.89 for 4 hotdog rolls.  Perhaps this reflects the local economy here in Southern Florida, I don't know.

I would also like to clarify that we could only find them "frozen" so perhaps the fresh ones are much better, although the bag is preprinted with the words "keep frozen".

When thawed they felt spongy through the bag and we thought "oh goodie!"  But....

I thought they were dry, oddly textured, and in the end, inedible.  Shawn ate his but agreed that they were dry, stale feeling, and oddly textured.  We both agreed not to buy these again unless we could find them fresh not frozen.

They crumbled and broke when we cut the first one open (fully thawed) and it went downhill from there.  I'm not sure if any of you have ever tried to eat a hotdog between two separated dry and crumbly bread pieces, but it isn't a pleasant experience and in the end I ended up eating just the hotdog with a fork and throwing the bun away.

The package claims "made with fluffy, light ingredients" but mine were neither light nor fluffy.  The package says "keep frozen"  and we did until we needed to thaw them out for our Memorial Day BBQ.

To sum it up, not a product we will buy again when I can easily and simply make hotdog buns from scratch at home that are light and fluffy and fresh.  (I'll post the recipe soon.)


  1. personally, i've never had success with frozen buns of any kind, but thankfully there are some fresh suppliers here in the Kansas City area which i can run to in a pinch. there's nothing like homemade, though, gluten free or not! Btw, the price is comparable to those up here, so i don't think it's the Florida economy.

  2. Today for lunch Shawn tried the last Rudi's bun and he microwave steamed it for 15 seconds. He say's it held together better without crumbling, but still wouldn't buy them again. I thought this useful bit of info was worth posting for those that will give them a try anyhow.

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