Monday, September 26, 2011

Island Gluten Free Bakery in Sarasota, Florida

Shawn and I made several attempts to visit this gluten-free bakery on our many trips to Sarasota.  Last time was the charm, They were open.

Island Gluten Free Bakery is a delightful little gluten-free bakery located just off of Siesta Key in Sarasota.  The address is 
1880 Stickney Point Rd. 
Sarasota, FL 34231.  

This was a very pleasant experience and we look forward to eating there again and again.

Shawn and I tasted their carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin muffins.  Yummy!

We decided to split an egg salad sandwich, only we wanted to try it on a hoagie roll.  They were all too happy to accommodate us.  We had a seat and they brought it out when it was ready.  

Their bread is phenomenal! I was a bit jealous.  lol

Here is a picture of their hoagie roll.

Here is a picture of their sandwich bread.

Unlike some store bought breads that I've tried, these were soft and held together great.  Shawn was nice and said he liked mine better but I knew he was only being a good spouse.  

The owners were very personable and friendly.  I recommend that when in Sarasota, you give them a try.  Here is a link to their website.



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