Friday, July 2, 2010

Gluten Free Lemon Chicken with Asparagus and Lemon Garlic Hollandaise Sauce

Still no mixer so here's a healthy, naturally gluten free meal.    This was very good despite the fact that my hollandaise sauce was runny.  I only had 3 eggs on hand, intended to use 3 egg yolks in the sauce, and lost one to the sink while I was "back and forthing" it in the shell halves to separate the whites.  I will print the recipe with the 3.  Your sauce will be thicker than the one in the picture.

It's not your usual hollandaise sauce either, I made some changes that suited my tastes better.


2 chicken breasts
1 bunch of organic asparagus tips
1/2 cup melted butter (1 stick)
1 lemon (for juice and zest)
3 egg yolks
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1 dash of hot sauce (your favorite gluten free variety)
1 teaspoon lemon zest (I just grated both halves of the lemon lightly)
ground black pepper

Start with sprinkling some garlic salt and some ground pepper in your frying pan.  Turn on medium low heat and place the the chicken breasts in the pan.  Sprinkle the tops with garlic salt and ground black pepper.  Stab the chicken with a knife in several places to let juices in.  Slice the lemon in half and squeeze half the lemon over the chicken breasts.  Cook about 5 minutes then flip and re-squeeze the same half of lemon over them again.  (repeat this until done, juices run clear).

Meanwhile,  wash the asparagus and put the rubber band it comes with loosely back on them.  Stand upright and twist slightly to spread the stems to be freestanding in a medium to large saucepan.  Add 1 inch of water to the pan and bring to a boil. Do this while the chicken is cooking, when the chicken is done cover the asparagus for 1 minute to steam.

Meanwhile, Whisk the 3 egg yolks and the melted butter with the garlic salt, a dash of hot sauce, the juice from the other half of the lemon, and the zest.  Start a pan of water boiling to act as a double boiler, so whisk the egg mixture in a metal bowl or metal saucepan.  Keep whisking while carefully heating the mixture over the boiling water.  Heating too much can make a kind of scrambled egg concoction, you are aiming for a nice smooth sauce.

When everything gets done (hopefully around the same time) plate and drizzle (smother) with my lemon garlic hollandaise sauce.

Dinner tonight was as delicious as it looks in the picture. =]

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  1. I have a note regarding separating the egg yolks. A friend of mine told me to break all of my eggs into a bowl, then using an empty water bottle, place it over the top of each yolk and Suck it up into the bottle. Supposedly, you won't break the yolks and you won't lose any down the sink either. Haven't tried it yet, but she swears by it!