Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Importance of Reading Labels

I can’t stress enough the importance of reading labels.  It is getting better out there, more and more companies are listing “wheat” in their allergy section on packaging.  

Gluten-Free is becoming a “buzzword” however and advertisers of products see this happening.  They slap “gluten-free” labels great big on the front of boxes and containers.  This predominantly placed label does not, in my experience, mean that there isn’t wheat gluten in the product.  Reading the label you notice, barley, or soy sauce, or…... The list could be endless.  Even if you do not see wheat listed in the ingredients specifically, steer clear of ingredients like {modified food starch} if it doesn’t say specifically “corn starch” or "potato starch" it’s possibly wheat.  I have  included a listing, on the right of your screen in the sidebar, of gluten free research sources. 

Just remember, if there is a doubt, leave it out (of your shopping cart).

Some things can be labeled Gluten-Free even though they contain Gluten.  It is based on a "parts per million" ratio, and everyone that is gluten intolerant has a different sensitivity level.

The United States has less strict guidelines on the usage of "gluten-free" labeling than Australia does, but better than other countries.  

Always read the ingredients on a package. Do not just look for a big "Gluten-Free" label on the front of the packaging.  This can help you stay truly gluten free.

Going gluten-free? The FDA proposes rules to make it easier to find foods made without rye, or bwheat,arley.(NUTRITION NEWS YOU CAN USE): An article from: Food & Fitness Advisor

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